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Italian Shoes, Napa Cabernets and Asian Elephants a perfectly logically combination!

Golden Triangle, March 2007: What could designer shoes, a highly rated boutique wine and Asian Elephants possibly have in common? The answer is a lot if you ask Napa Valley vintners, Carolyn and Perry Butler.

When Carolyn and Perry visited Four Seasons Tented Camp last fall they immediately fell in love with the resident adopted elephants and were looking for ways to contribute to the Camp's charity project. The Tented Camp forms one part of the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant foundation (GTAEF) which aims to rescue elephants off the streets of Thailand and provide them with a humane and natural environment in the jungles of the Golden Triangle.

'Carolyn and I watched a mother elephant and her baby weaving in and out of traffic on the streets of Bangkok with their mahout begging for money so they could all eat .The Elephants were under nourished and stressed. We could not stand to see these gentle giants and their families in such poverty .We decided to help, getting them all off the street and to a camp where they would be treated with respect and love.' Perry said.

Not satisfied with a straight forward donation, Perry decided to introduce a special Juslyn Vineyard 'Rescue' label in support of the Foundation. The 2001 Napa Blend, a Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc blend is rated at 90 Parker points. The wine is available in a set of three 750 ml bottles, 1.5l bottles as well as Magnum 3.0l bottles and can be shipped anywhere in the US and select countries overseas. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the wine will benefit GTAEF. The wine comes in a specially created wooden 'Elephant Rescue' box for shipment and cellaring.

Carolyn took her idea literally a step further to create exclusively designed shoes for her select female clientele. She approached world renowned designer Manolo Blahnik to design a shoe for the cause, and as an animal lover himself, he agreed. Carolyn is proud to offer the Lina Rescue style, exclusively available at Footcandy stores and online. Only 60 pair were made, making this an opportunity for shoe lovers to own a collectorÕs item. Again, all proceeds are being donated to the GTAEF rescue mission, specifically towards the upkeep of the Butler's adopted baby elephant Nam Chok, a five year old who has become the adoptive surrogate sister for another baby, Tong Suk. The shoes can be purchased at any Footcandy store in California or shipped worldwide.

Asian elephants played an important cultural and economic role for centuries and once provided the main workforce in the teak forests of Northern Thailand. With the cutbacks in teak foresting, elephants were no longer needed and consequently became a burden to their owners. Many elephant owners resort to taking their charges into big cities to get people to pay to touch, feed or play with their elephant.

Elephant Family (UK) and Friends of Conservation (US) registered charities have added the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation to their list of supported projects and tax deductible contributions can be submitted through these aid organizations.

The wine can be ordered directly through Juslyn Vineyards on,
or telephone 707.265.1804.

The shoes will be available as of August at Foot Candy stores or

For information about the elephant rescue programs in Northern Thailand please visit
or contact John Roberts at Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle

View an interview with Perry Butler about the Asian Elephants